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Free up or Recover your Google / Gmail Space

Are you also facing space crunch in your Gmail or Google Accounts? Getting this message everytime you open your Gmail? Among many ways from archiving and downloading your heavy mails to deleting the unwanted mails and photos, there is also an quick and easy way. This is to reduce the size of the uploaded items in Google Photos from Original to High Quality. How does it work? There might be many photos in your Google Photos that you have uploaded in the Original Quality which would be taking space in your Google Storage. If you convert those Photos to High Quality, they would still be large enough for your social usage but would not take up Storage Space in you Google Account. How to do it? Go to Choose Recover Storage . Google will tell you how much space you can recover by using this process / tool. For instance, I would be able to reduce 5.9 GB in my Google Account. Click on Compress . You will get an informatio