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Win 10: How to capture Screenshots the best way!

There are multiple ways to take a screen grab in Windows 10, from simply using the Snipping Tool to hitting the PrintScreen Button on the keyboard. But there are downsides to both these methods: The PrintScreen button grabs the whole screen which you do not need all the time and later you need to use Paint or some other tool to crop a portion. Yes, we do have Alt+PrintScreen option to grab the active Window but what if you want a piece of it or want to combine portions of two windows?   Then comes the Snipping Tool, it gives you the flexibility to grab any portion of the screen by dragging the mouse pointer. But here is the catch. You have to fire up the program from Start Menu or use a shortcut and then the hassle to save the file! Better than all this is using the Screen Grab functionality of the One Note application / software. Here is what you need to do: Install One Note as a part of Office or S

Mac: Set Up VPN to be Anonymous

Content blocked for your location? Results filtered because of Govt. Regulation? Privacy concerns? Are we going to let the Internet be free, the basic reason for which it was created and the basic nature it which it was adopted? It's a huge debate and a big fight. In my quest to find a usable VPN for Mac which can help you access that un-accessible, I found the following. Above link has many options but the problem with free VPNs is that either they do not work or the speed is too slow for them to be usable. I tried the first one ProXPN first and it turned out to be pathetic. Everything was configured but probably the speed was too slow to load even a basic page. Then I tried SecurityKiss. You need to configure this to be used with your Mac. Above link has the steps on how to configure. Update - Securitykiss have shut down their services. htt