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How to Free up Space in Gmail [ without loosing your data ] ?

Though Gmail is offering large enough space to it's free users; space is something which is never enough. When you start getting the following message on the top of your Gmail, it's time to make some space. But what would you do? Find unimportant mails and delete? Well, like Gmail, we also believe in "don't delete anything" philosophy. Therefore, a better way would be to find not-that-useful mails and create a backup. Read on to know how it can be done: Here is how: Step 1 : Select the mails you want to backup. If you want to be fast, use following tips: Use search keywords like larger:10m or older:2000/03/03 to search mails larger than 10M bytes or older than the specified date, respectively. Once the mails are displayed, first select all using the topmost checkbox and then unselect the mails you want to keep. You can use up-down arrow keys to navigate in the mails and hit 'X' to select or unselect. Step 2 : Once the mails