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Gmail Phishing Attack: do-not-reply mail from Activacorp

Hello friends! Beware of the new Phishing mail that you might receive on your Gmail inbox. The mail is very much different from normal spam and phishing mails. Gmail does not identify it as a Phishing mail and delivers it to your inbox normally with the label "important". The mail has the following content (which might differ in your case). ****************************************************************************************************** do-not-reply  ✆ 2:52 PM (6 hours ago) to me   You are receiving this message because you or someone tried to access your account from an unknown computer or mobile device. Numerous invalid passwords were logged and we are poised to open an investigation to this matter. Click below to get started with your account validation . ****************************************************************************************************** And below

Zurker: Competition to Facebook?

Something is getting viral on and offline these days and it is called Zurker which is claimed to be developed by the twin brothers Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss who famously sued Mark Zuckerberg for stealing their idea that became a sensation called Facebook. I checked out and joined Zurker today (quite late, maybe) and found the idea quite impressive. Since it is in a beta phase, therefore definitely lot has to be improved in the implementation because I did not find the interface as handy as Facebook or Google+ but the idea is important. A unique way of promotion is used in which every user is been made owner of the website and the idea is catching up quite quickly as one can now has an additional reason for spreading the word. But all said and done, it is too early to pass a judgement on the future of Zurker. The thing will be a hit only if it is well made, maintained and if takes care of the fallacies of the Facebook as it claims to be doing! It can presentl