TRAI bows to pressure, extends SMS limit to 200

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has eased the daily SMS limit from 100 SMS per day to 200 SMS per day. According the press release, TRAI increased the limit after receiving "representations" from service providers and consumers.

These "representations" are nothing but the anger of the youth against the ban. While some people might be benefiting from the ban by getting less marketing SMS, this number is certainly less than the people who are affected by it. India is a young nation and youth like texting. TRAI should come with innovative and more practical solutions to stop unwanted telemarketing. 

Well, I receive more marketing calls on my number than SMS, what would you do next, limit the number of calls that I can make from my phone? It looks like limiting the number of breaths you take fearing the amount of pollution in the air. Ridiculously funny!

This increase in limit might bring smile to certain faces, but it certainly is not the solution. I would request TRAI to stop playing with the Great Indian Mobile Service Consumer.


  1. I disagree...
    Why don't TRAI gives the 'Great Indian Mobile Service Consumer' the power to decide on their own?
    I don't think TRAI or any authority should decide how many sms should I send!
    Mobile users must be categorized on the basis of usage and must sign a bond before buying service. This bond should describe a usage slab; the user want to be in.
    Keep it simple, silly!

  2. Your comment is actually in agreement of the sentiments of the post. The question is not of categorizing the users. TRAI is putting these limits to stop unwanted marketing messages.


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