TRAI’s 100 SMS Per Day Limit

Just got aware of the upcoming 100 SMS per day limit from September 27th, imposed by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India(TRAI).  Earlier, it was to begin from February but was postponed then. I was unaware of the ban at that time and today when I heard of the news, my first reaction was “what the hell it is?”
Though the true nature of the ban is still unclear to me as there are various incomplete versions of the news, like for instance

Some say this ban will not be applicable on festive days like Holi and Diwali when you may send more than 100 SMS; while other says users will be mostly hit on these days as we don’t normally send more than 100 messages in a day otherwise.
There is also lack of clarity on are we talking about the bulk SMSs in this ban or the regular SMS as well. I mean, will this ban make telecom companies to convert their unlimited messages per day plan to 100 messages per day and after that the users will be charged according to the normal plan? Or will it simply not allow you to send any more messages after 100 messages.

It is most probably the ban only on the free messages exceeding 100 per day; one cannot be stopped from sending text message otherwise as it will be in direct conflict with the basic “fundamental right” of the freedom of expression of an individual.
Then also, the limit of 100 messages per day looks a bit harsh as a normal teenager, for whom texting is the basic mode of communication, can easily reach such a limit in a day. 

The scene would be clearer in the coming days!


  1. TRAI has extended the per day SMS limit from 100 SMS to 200 SMS from November 1st. Is it enough?? Check out...

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