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Sony SRS D8

Among the newly launched SRS series speakers, SRS D8 is the higher end model. Like the other models in the series, it has one Subwoofer and two Satellite speakers. When compared to other speakers in the series, the power output is significantly higher in SRS-D8. Let's also see the comparison in terms of specifications. (Source: Sony India website) I have compared the sound of all three versions of SRS-Dseries and have found the sound output of D8 significantly better than its peers. If you look at the Subwoofer of SRS D8, there are two outputs for the Bass sound at the bottom which really does their work well. :) Let us look into some features that catches eye. 60 Watt Power Output (15 + 15 Watt Satellite Speakers, 30 Watt Subwoofer). Separate Bass and Treble control (which is not there is other two models).  Auto Power Off when idle for 25 mins (Turns on automatically when any signal is received). Two Inputs (Mini Jack & RSA). Output for Headphones. Ot

What this place is all about...

Though I don't want to build concrete walls in order to define what this place is for; however, it will contain the information about various gadgets that I get a chance to know about. I would try to tell the story of that gadget in  the most informative way possible and would try to follow it with regular updates and by responding to the queries.