Sunday, May 15, 2016

Mac: Set Up VPN to be Anonymous

Content blocked for your location?
Results filtered because of Govt. Regulation?
Privacy concerns?

Are we going to let the Internet be free, the basic reason for which it was created and the basic nature it which it was adopted? It's a huge debate and a big fight.

In my quest to find a usable VPN for Mac which can help you access that un-accessible, I found the following.
Above link has many options but the problem with free VPNs is that either they do not work or the speed is too slow for them to be usable.

I tried the first one ProXPN first and it turned out to be pathetic. Everything was configured but probably the speed was too slow to load even a basic page.

Then I tried SecurityKiss.

You need to configure this to be used with your Mac.
Above link has the steps on how to configure.

Tunnelblick needs to be installed and then the configuration files for SecurityKiss needs to be used.

Once the Tunnelblick is installed, use the below link to download the configuration files. You will need an account so create a free one.

Just double click on any file and it will be configured. You will get a message which will say that one file is configured.

I would recommend to use it only when actually needed because it has limited transfers on free account.